About Us

The fire department goes on various calls during the year. We receive calls ranging from medical to house fires. We go on an average of 250 calls a year, and we are all volunteers. When this department was started it had 2 trucks we now have 8 trucks with around 20 members.
   The department started over 40 years ago. The founders built the firehouse by hand and dedicated many long hours. And some of the founders of the department took second mortgages out on their houses. Today we still dedicate long hours in training and equipment maintenance. We have monthly business meeting which is open to the public, and a monthly training meeting, and work parties where we clean and fix equipment.
   We have a wide variety of members ones who have been on for 1 week to ones that have been on for 40 years. They all do this for the satisfaction of helping people and risking their lives to save someone is part of the job.
   These people built our firehouse in 1972;Jerry Beebe, Eugene Hendryx, Hans Kroll, James Styck Sr., Dr. & Shirley Merchant, Leonard Steele, Norman Telford, Roy Snyder, Forest Parks, Richard Bushman, Elva Bushman, John Kroll, John Clinard. The following people also helped build and took second mortgages out on their homes; Lewis Earley, Paul Oxley, Leonard Poplawski Gilbert Read, Edward Schultz.,
Volunteer Fire
Glen Cain receives plaque for his many years
of service to the community at his retirement.