Newton County was finally organized as its own county in 1860. Lake Township is located in the north western part of the county. Lake Township was one of the first townships formed in the county. The county had a lake covering 36,000 acres of it. The lake was called Beaver Lake in 1853 a man by the name of Austin M. Puett was awarded the contract to make a drainage ditch that flowed to the Kankanee River to drain the lake. In 1869 heavy rains and flooding required the ditch to be enlarged and expedited the draining of the lake. It took 27 years to complete but by 1880 the lake was gone. There are 5 bridges that cross that ditch.
    Part of Lake Township is a small village of Sumava Resorts it orginally started off as a summer village for city folks to come for some R and R and some fun. In 1927 Sumava Forest Resorts, Inc. was organized with the amount of $100,000.
   There used to be a small town called Conrad's which is now part of the Lake Village. It was founded by Jennie (MIilk ) Conrad who named the town from her family name. In 1905 Conrad's became reality there was a stock yard of 5,000 head of cattle, a block plant, a hotel, railroad station and a general store combined with a post office a park and cottages for employees. This is now maintained by The Nature Conservancy and is known as Conrad Station Preserve.

Lake Village

   Lake Village is the main town of Lake Township. There is an Elementary school a Volunteer Fire Department, a grocery store a few gas stations and multiple churches. We have a community park and various events through out the year put on by different organizations.

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Community Events

Lake Township Vol. Fire Dept. Donation Pancake Breakfast with all the trimmings Sunday March 20, 2016, 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Firehouse.

Lake Township Easter Egg Hunt at the Lake Township Community Park Saturday March 26, 2016 start time 10 a.m. Sharp.
Ages 0-9 Grades K-4
Special Guest the EASTER BUNNY!!!!!